Friday, July 17, 2009

An Interview With Mike Castillo - Editorial Director Asia-Pacific, World Report - London.

Mr Mike Castillo, Elizebeth and Eric with YAB DS Ustaz Azizan during the interview.
MB was giving brief introduction on the State of Kedah and on his political agenda and achievements as Menteri Besar, it has huge potential in natural resoruces, commodities, human resources and tourism.
Also explained as a matter of fact Kedah were the country's leading FDI recipient in the year 2006 with Rm11 billion, but there still seem to be quite some room for improvement. Also detailing present State Goverment struggling to 'walk the talk'.
The State is also putting huge efforts to migrate from an agro-based economy (the Rice Bowl's of Malaysia) to aknowledge & brain intensive economy. Jewel of Kedah (Langkawi) play in the State's development.
What is being done in terms of improving the rule of law and to root out corruption and not well redistributed and so on.....
An exclusive report to distributed with THE INDEPENDENT DAILY. LONDON.

The full transcript are on its way...

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